Becoming young adult…


We want this blog as international as possible. English is part of our everyday life now, and we want to share our articles with our friends from all over the world.

So who are we?

Two very good friends, we met three years ago when we entered business school, which made us inseparable.

We are very complementary in life and for work.  As I can be very spontaneous and super active, laughing all the time and but also a bit maniac, Marion is calm and funny, she controls more, take her time and thinks. We are always ready for new adventures, travels, challenges and good times.

We are just coming back from six month of an academic semester abroad. Marion was in Eindhoven, the Netherlands while I was in Madrid, España. We both had a crazy time, very busy, festive, meeting great new friends and making the most of it. Being back is not easy, especially now that we are both doing an internship. Life became slower, calmer and lonelier. Real problems are coming back: “What am I doing next year? What master should I apply to? Will I get a great final internship? Should I study abroad again?”… So many questions, worries to take care of. Personally I just want to be back in Spain, where life seemed so much easier and simple.

Being 20 years old was fun until now. Our life was resumed by studies, friends, party, holidays and family. Now we must decide on our future, plan, manage money, make choices for ourselves. I must admit it is very scary. We see our parents, do not want to make the same mistake but at the same time we admire them and wish we could have a life as good as theirs. We also watch the news and hear about the economy not getting better, retirement systems getting worse, and life getting longer…

This blog will not talk about the news, we do not want to launch debate we cannot handle, or hurt some feelings. It is a way to present you what we like, why we like it, recommend you movies, books, cities to discover.

We also hope that it will create some discussions, some questions, some interest and why not some new friendships.

Thank you for reading us, we hope you will continue…


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