Marseille – France

My dearest readers,

I am so sorry we have been so quiet for a month. But you must know that we are real french girls, who takes holidays, or at least time off in August.

Marseille, ma 28.08.2013 - Marseille, MuCEM, Fort St Jean (13)         28.08.2013 - Marseille, MuCEM, Fort St Jean (41)

During this little holidays, i went to the very south of France, to Marseille. I know that for a little while now, the publicity has not been great, there are a lot of problem right know, gangs, trafficking, drugs and kills. It is not somewhere you want to go.

But i truly recommend that you get past this bad image. this year Marseille as been chosen as the city for the European Culture.

28.08.2013 - Marseille, MuCEM, Fort St Jean (135)

For the occasion, many cultural events are put in place though the year. An amazing museum; with an incredible architecture was built on the old port: the MuCEM: Museum of the European Civilizations and of the Mediterranean. It is composed of permanent exhibition and two temporary ones, changing every 2 months. Do not worry, even if you are not a big fan of museums, you will have fun there: many objects from the past to today, movies, testimonies, pictures, paintings. Numerous things, all mixed up by themes: the beginning of the Mediterranean civilizations, the religions around the sea, the Blue and the Black (the art around the blue of the sea and the black meaning the wars and difficulties), the evolution of the female gender in Europe.

28.08.2013 - Marseille, MuCEM, Fort St Jean (58)When you get tired of the museum, you can just go for a walk though the St Jean Fort. It has been renovated for the occasion. You do not feel the crowd, have an amazing view on the sea and on Marseille. There you will also find surprises such as a collection of string puppet, fig trees plantation a garden and an excellent restaurant (much better than the one on top of the MuCEM, but also a bit more expensive).

28.08.2013 - Marseille, MuCEM, Fort St Jean (171)

Anyway, all i can say is that i loved my day in this city. Everything there is made for your pleasure and your happiness. I really hope you will get the time and possibility to go and enjoy it as much as i did.


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