Milka Chocolates, my favorite

As i guess any girl or woman, i am a big fan of chocolate. When i was in South Africa i could eat so much Cadburry i would get sick, in the USA the Cookie Hershey’s was my favorite, but nothing is better than the Milka Chocolate.

I am quite sure that you don’t just like chocolate, you like a brand, a way to make it and the history behind the product. That is exactly my feeling with Milka. All of the flavors are good, you cannot be disappointed with its chocolate. If you do it is only because you do not really like chocolate in general.


Initially called Suchard chocolates, the first factory was opened in November 1845 in Neuchatel, France. Philippe Suchard wants to sell his home made sweet, “rafinated and good”. The company grows slowly but surely to finally become a big success by adding milk to the chocolate. This process makes it more creamy and less sour. in 1901, the Milka name gets out and will never leave. What creates the popularity of the brand is its singular color (purplish) and its excellent communication.

Dernier Carré

Every Milka commercial has something special, funny and stays in the minds of the consumers, such as the woodchuck putting the chocolate in the paper. Totally awesome and a true reference for any french consumer.

There last one was actually  a  strong risk proposed by Publicis: in each chocolate bar a piece will be missing. then, by going to the website, you have the choice between receiving your last piece or to send it to someone you care about.


This process is actually much more complicated that it seems for Milka to launch this campaign: changing all the production line and the packaging, the creation of a special website and engaging money to ship the last pieces to the consumer.

Some of you might wonder why they would go through all this trouble just to sell chocolate… Because it is worth it. On the rentability side but also on the popularity level. I don’t know about you but i am excepting new things and new concepts every day and they are creating this surprise, exactly what i was waiting for without knowing it.

I love Milka, it is part of my favorite French brand, that i am proud to talk about and to call french. I am really happy to see that they survive and they succeed even-though the period is not helping anyone.

If you are a foreigner and that you did not get the chance to try this chocolate just email me and i will send you a bar! they are really the best and you must taste it.

I am now off to try new things, new food, new concepts. I hope you will stay with us fore more surprises… with all my love and energy!



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